Purpose of Legacy III

Women with alcohol and substance abuse problems usually find the process of recovery challenging because there is a multitude of barriers faced when building a happy productive life. Many of our program participants come to Legacy III with all of their worldly possessions in trash bags. Many of them are broken emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  

They have incurred felonies and other legal convictions. They have damaged relationships with family and friends. They have experienced domestic violence and other various assaults. They have lived in shelters, jails, or on the streets.  Many have tried to stay sober but eventually relapsed. They have lost the ability of choice – being driven by the impulses of their drug addiction and/or alcoholism. They often lack the knowledge and material resources with which to rebuild their lives.  These ladies are typically newly sober, have no income, and are homeless.  And, they often have very little hope for a brighter future.

Because our programs are specifically designed to help women overcome the ravages of drug addiction, alcoholism, and homelessness, women are empowered to re-create their lives in a positive way and to become self-sufficient. Many women who participate in our programs remain sober long-term, become employable, and overcome homelessness.  

Having stabilized in their recovery process, they achieve many other self-sufficient goals, i.e. reuniting with family members and friends, regaining driving privileges, completing GED and other educational goals, building careers, experiencing financial stability, purchasing automobiles, improving their overall health and well-being, and strengthening their spirituality.  In the philosophy of 12-step recovery programs, most become sponsors to other women who are newly sober; thereby, living by the spiritual axiom of “giving it away in order to keep it”.

Legacy III is recognized as one of the premier housing organizations for homeless women in Summit County.